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Tripmaza has emerged as one of India's fastest growing B2B Travel Portal since the launch of its travel portal tripmaza.com in 2017. We are enabling our partners to serve their customers efficiently, with the right pricing and inventory.

Tripmaza was founded in 2012 with a market place concept, offering a unique prepurchase concept for the  Indian market. Tripmaza.com has had an eventful journey of over the years, to evolve as a trusted partner to thousand of loyal patrons in the consumer side of the business. It also has a strong network of partners in the trade, including agents, corporate houses, alliance partners. The company is now well positioned to take the next big leap, consolidating its position in the Indian market and globally.

Tripmaza is unique in a way because it is a Travel Meta Search site with booking capabilities. It is a platform where the consumer gets real time information and transaction capability online. All travel providers both online and offline will be represented on Tripmaza.

Tripmaza uses the best technology platform in the Indian travel industry. The portal offers a real time web based booking engine. It offers dynamic packaging of travel services with real-time inventory. Simply put, you get instant pricing and confirmation, which means that the information and booking status is all real time.dynamic packaging of travel services with real-time inventory. Simply put, you get instant pricing and confirmation, which means that the information and booking status is all real time.

Tripmaza launched the concept of HBA (Home based agent) in order to cater to masses who wish to work out of home at their own pace and also earn attractive comissions while making bookings for relatives and friends. Any individual wishing to be an HBA, can simply register on the site, acquire log in credentials, send forth required documents for verification before being identified as a registered HBA with Tripmaza and also have every query answered with the 24 / 7 customer service support team. Tripmaza has also tied up with various payment gateway options

Benefits to Agents

  • One stop ticket bazaar available on the Internet.
  • Single window platform to access airlines fares on a constantly evolving platform, it will keep enhancing its product range on a regular basis.
  • Superior technology provided.
  • Irrespective of size, agents will be able to access and buy services on Tripmaza.
  • Instant confirmation is provided to customers with real-time inventory and prices.
  • Dynamic Packaging ensures a comprehensive choice of suppliers and products worldwide.
  • Various modes of payment - Online & Offline (Demand Drafts, cheques etc).
  • Credit facility is also being offered against guarantee or deposit.
  • The Tripmaza system is very user friendly hence saves staff training cost and time.
  • A 12x7 call center will answer and address all queries.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Tripmaza also promises buying muscle i.e a chance to pass on the best rates, offer better service and ensure that your client is treated like a priority customer.
  • Earnings in the form of attractive commissions to housewives, the retired sectors, youth and other people who wish to register as Home based agents.
  • For further details contact us at : support@tripmaza.com

    The team behind Tripmaza

    The people who bring Tripmaza to you are a set of highly skilled and trained individuals with an exceptional knowledge base in their respective fields. Just relax the next time you are booking with Tripmaza, you're in good hands. So don't let this opportunity to be part of India's biggest travel bazaar pass you by, take the leap and open up a world of options for yourself.

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